Department of Accountancy aims at producing graduates equipped with skill, ethic and social responsibility who can work in both international and domestic levels. At present, the department offers programs in all degrees which are:

Bachelor’s degree – focuses on producing graduates who could become accountants with high skills in accounting and IT systems.

Master’s degree – focuses on producing graduates who could become executive managing officers.

Doctoral degree – the department provides Ph.D. Program in Accountancy, which emphasizes on pure knowledge and process of accounting, in order to produce graduates who has deep knowledge in theories and methods of accounting. The graduates are able to identify and analyze problems and can conduct high quality researches, which meet international standards in order to develop intellectual contributions.

All degree programs of Department of Accountancy also give priority to educate students with ethical concern.

Recent Activities

The department hosted the Project of “12th Going together with Accountancy for Celebration in Honor of His Majesty the King, which has been hosted annually since 1999 on auspicious occasion of His Majesty The King’s 72th Birthday. This project was held at Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok Hotel on June 23, 2012. All the revenue was presented to His Majesty the King at His Majesty‘s pleasure. The project aims to educate accounting knowledge to faculty staffs teaching accounting in higher education both in private and government sectors in order to commemorate the benevolence of His Majesty the King. Moreover, the department also provides academic services by offering programs or consulting to organizations.


– The department’s 4th year undergraduates won the second best prize and consolation prize in Thailand Accounting Challenge 1st hosted by Federation of Accounting Professions under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King in 2013.

– Many organizations from business sectors have cooperated with the department in order to provide educational funds for undergraduates, for example, 15 scholarships for potential students with financial difficulty from Siam Cement Group, Kiatnakin Bank Public Co. Ltd., Tripetch Isuzu Sales Co. Ltd., and PricewaterhouseCoopers ABAS Ltd. on February 5, 2013. PricewaterhouseCoopers ABAS Ltd. has cooperated with the department to give away the scholarships since 2003.

Besides the achievement in academic area, the department also continuously provides extra curricular activities in order to enhance students especially on good morals. The examples are dharma teaching in various student activities and sport events. A sport event is called “Big 4 Sport Day” which involves big 4 accounting companies to build up relationship with students and faculty members in order to create opportunities for students to learn and experience organizational culture of accounting companies.

Future Development

The department has set some budget in 2014 to develop the department’s website, IT system, and database to support decision-making, department management, and information for researches. Moreover, the department also plans to improve study environments for students and incentives for faculty staffs to create more intellectual contributions.

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