Department of Commerce has continued to develop in many areas including teaching, research publication, and academic services. The department is responsible for Bachelor of Business Administration Program in the following fields of study: International Logistics Management, Management Information System and Entrepreneurial Management. The department is also responsible for Master of Management in International Business Program (International Program). Besides, the department also provides courses for all degree levels in Chulalongkorn Business School and other schools in Chulalongkorn University.

Recent Activities

In fiscal year 2013, Department of Commerce still maintained many activities in teaching, developing students and faculty members, and academic services for society.

Faculty Development

The department consists of 24 full time faculty members. All faculty were funded to participate or present their researches at both domestic and international academic conferences. Moreover, the department also organized company and school visits in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in order to enhance faculty members’ knowledge and experiences.

Students Development

In fiscal year 2013, the department arranged many activities such as students and faculty members’ meeting, student trip to Samutsakorn in order to strengthen undergraduate students’ relationship, post training for 4th year undergraduate students, study trips in factories of CPRAM Co., Ltd., Unicord Public co., ltd., P.K. Garment (Import-Export) Co., Ltd., Crown Ceramics Co., Ltd., etc. Furthermore, the department also supported student’s academic skills by funding the students in International Logistics Management Program to participate in Green Logistics Contest 2013 which the students had to present organizational improvement project using green logistics. Therefore, the students learnt to analyze and apply their knowledge in order to improve their skills.

Academic Services for Society

In fiscal year 2013, the department provided academic services for society in the form of advisor projects and training projects which encouraged faculty members to continuosly apply their knowledge and service the society. The example projects are Management Theatre Training Project, Management Training Project for Smitivej Hospital, Management Training Project for UOB Bank, Assessment and Organizational Improvement Project for Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization), Assessment Project for National Research Council of Thailand., etc.


Department of Commerce consists of faculty members whose skills in many academic areas are recognized by both government and private business sectors. Thus, they are always invited to be speakers or consultants for many top-rank organizations. Many of them also published their researches in international journals.

Future Development

As CBS is in AACSB Accreditation process and preparing for AEC in 2015, the department is focusing on developing faculty in both academic and teaching areas in order to fulfill the needs from all programs. The department encourages all faculty members to produce, publish, and present more researches at international level. Moreover, the department also acquires new faculty members to replace the retired ones and continuously provides academic services for both government and private business sectors to bring knowledge to the society.

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