Heads of Department

Asst. Prof. Pongprot Chatraphorn ,Ph.D.
Head of Accounting Department

TEL : 022185800

EMAIL : pongprot@cbs.chula.ac.th

Asst.Prof. Thira Chavarnakul, Ph. D.
Head of Commerce Department

TEL : 022185763
EMAIL : thira@cbs.chula.ac.th

Assoc. Prof. Assadaporn Sapsomboon, Ph.D.
Head of Statistics Department

TEL : 022185656
EMAIL : suwanee@cbs.chula.ac.th

Assoc.Prof. Pornanong Budsaratragoon, DBA.
Head of Banking and Finance Department

TEL : 022185680
EMAIL : pornanong@cbs.chula.ac.th

Assoc. Prof. M.L. Sawika Unahanandh
Head of Marketing Department

TEL : 022185794
EMAIL : sawika@cbs.chula.ac.th