Department of Marketing provides education services in both undergraduate and graduate levels to equip students with complete marketing knowledge which can be applied at work. Besides learning in classrooms, the students are also encouraged to experience business world by having study trips and learning from special guest speakers who are successful in their business. Moreover, the department also sends students to do their internship programs in many organizations and supports students to participate in marketing competitions. Many students have won the prizes which built up the department’s reputation.

In student development, the department arranges activities to strengthen students’ ethic such as charity event at home for children with disabilities. In faculty development, the department encourages the faculty members to publish and present qualified researches at both national and international levels. The department also provides academic services. Last year, there were 5 trainings with 200 participants and one give away training with more than 50 participants.

Recent Activities

1. Student Development Activities

· Student Orientation for new undergraduates in Marketing major

· Post Training Ceremony for 4th year undergraduate students

2. Academic Services

· Modern Marketing Organization Training

· Basic Marketing Strategies Training

· Advance Marketing Strategies Training

· “Brand Ranking and Powerful Brand Strategies” Seminar for public audience


· “Brand Ranking and Powerful Brand Strategies” Seminar on November 22, 2012

· “Thailand’s Top Corporate Brand Values 2013” on September 17, 2013 by Master of Science in Marketing Program

· Second Best Prize and Third Best Prize of The 22nd J-MAT Award for marketing plan contest hosted by Marketing Association of Thailand and Betagro Public Co., Ltd.

· Best Prize of Krungthai Bank CSR Program Contest 2012 and Best Prize in Poster Contest, Second Best Prize in Booth Contest

· Best Prize and Consolation Prize in HP IMC Plan Challenge 2013

· Best Prize in The 6th One-2-Call! BrandAge Award

· Second Best and Third Best Prize in Isuzu Marketing Brains Challenge 2012

Future Development

As marketing field changes rapidly according to marketing situation both locally and internationally, the Department of Marketing plans to cooperate with well-known international institutions for faculty collaborations. The department also plans to cooperate with more private organizations and companies to share their knowledge to students. Futhermore, the department also continuously supports faculty and students to publish and present their researches by focusing on the researches that are useful for society.

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