Master of Science in Statistics

Master of Science in Statistics Program creates and accumulates knowledge which is crucial for country development. The program uses Statistical Theories and Applied Statistics in performing researches and analysis in many significant areas such as sociology, business, economy, biophysical sciences, health and medicine, and computer technology.

The graduates are equipped with deep knowledge and skills in both Statistical Theories and Applied Statistics. They are able to apply and integrate the theories to the world’s dynamic problems effectively with abilities to utilize any information technology. They are also able to create new statistical knowledge, which can be transferred and applied for the society.

Admission Qualification
1. Hold a Bachelor degree with at least 12 credits in Statistics and/or Mathematics
2. Applicants in Indepentdent Study Track must have at least 1 year working experience.
3. Other qualifications are required as per Chulalongkorn Graduate School’s announcement or as per program committee’s agreement.