Department of Statistics provides education in both bachelors’ and master’s degrees in the fields of Statistics, Insurance, and Information Technology for Business. The department is also responsible for Center of Statistical Consulting and Research which provides consultation to public. Moreover, the department provides academic services for the educational institutions, as well as public and private sectors.

Recent Activities

During March 16 – June 1, 2013, the department cooperated with Learning Innovation Center, Chulalongkorn University and Advance Life Assurance Co., Ltd. to arrange Critical Thinking Skill Training for 4th year students. The activities in this project include workshop in Critical Thinking Improvement, and Case Study Contest using a case from the company. Besides, the department also supported student activities which are:

– Computer and Information Technology Study Project for youth

– The relationship building activity between the department’s faculty members and students

– Sport Activities with the Statistic’s students in other institutions

– CU Stat Road Show to educate high school students

In order to build international academic network, the department invited 2 professors from US universities to join the department’s research team. The department also invited international professors to lecture the faculty and students 3 times in fiscal year 2013. Furthermore, Center of Statistical Consulting and Research hosted 2 trainings to public, which are SPSS for Windows, and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Analysis using AMOS Program.


Faculty Achievement

In Fiscal Year 2013, 8 researches were published in international journals.

Students Achievement

Many students were selected to receive education funds as follow:

– The Thai Life Assurance Association Scholarship 2012 for Higher Education 10 scholarships

There were 10 students who received education funds to study abroad as follow:

– Samsung Life Insurance Scholarship 2012-2013 for 8 scholarships

– Samsung Life Insurance Scholarship for Master’s Degree in Insurance at Soongsil University, South Korea for 2 scholarships

The student also joined The Google Student Ambassador Program in Indonesia.

Future Development

1. Recruit new faculty members to replace the retired ones especially in the insufficient specializations.

2. Encourage the faculty to apply for higher academic ranks.

3. Cooperate with faculty in international institutions to develop new knowledge and strengthen the department’s faculty’s knowledge.

4. Improve the abilities of Center of Statistical Consulting and Research by combining with other centers.

Plan for Doctoral degree program in Statistics.