Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs divides into 3 sections which are:

Student welfare

Student Welfare provides scholarships to support students with financial difficulties and gives awards to students with good academic records or students who has contributed to the school.

Student development

Student development aims to develop students with skills and experiences, which can be applied in their future careers.  The section enriches students with knowledge and experiences outside their classrooms in the form of seminars and workshops such as mind developing seminar, leadership training workshop.  The section also provides projects to fortify students with ethic and good moral.

Student activity

Higher Education cannot be complete with classroom study only, but it also includes extracurricular activities, which enrich students with skills and experiences.  Business sections prefer to recruit graduates who have participated in student activities because it is showed that they tend to succeed in their careers than graduates who only studied in classrooms and did not participate student activities.

Published documents

  • Uniform Annoucement 2562 (PDF)
  • Student Manual 2562 (PDF)
  • Student Manual 2562 (E-Book)
  • First steps, CBS – Chulalongkorn 2562 (PDF)