Innovation Success of CBS

We are the first institution to fulfill the demand of Thai business in commerce and accountancy.

1961: Implements the first graduate programme in commerce
1963: Implements Thailand’s first computer in working environment. This reflects Thai business’s innovation which is of international practice.
1982: Implements Master of Business Administration. This keeps us on the same ground with international business practice.
1983: Sets up Chulalongkorn Business Administration (CBA). This is the first time ever in Thailand. The innovation enables students to apply their knowledge and theory in real-life situation.
1986: Implements Master of Business Administration (Executive Programme). This is the first programme taught outside working hours. It fulfils the need of business persons in advanced knowledge of Business Management for their business administration.
1987: Implements the courses in ‘Accounting Information System’ for Bachelor of Accounting’s students. This is the innovation in the field of accounting offered to Thai society.
1988: Another innovation with PhD in Accountancy, the first doctoral programme in accounting.
1992: Implements Master of Science in Insurance and Master of Science in Information Technology in Business. The latter is the first curriculum in Thailand that incorporates the concept in IT and Business Administration together.
1996: Implements Bachelor of Business Administration (International Programme). This is Chulalongkorn University’s first English programme in bachelor degree.
1997: Implements Master of Science in Finance. This is Thailand’s first Master degree in Finance.
1998: Establishes Placement Office. This innovation is to develop necessary skills for students
1999: Establishes financial lab. It is the learning and research centre with the focus on real-life practice. The lab also holds training and provides state-of-the-art learning method on financial field through Internet connection. Real-time financial information and news from Reuters are also available.
2000: Thailand’s first ‘Management Cockpit’ is set up. The cockpit is essentially a ‘decision room’ which management uses when making a decision on organisation management and business direction.
2004: Implements Master of Management in International Business Programme (English Programme) to equip the student with knowledge and skill in international business management.
2006: Implements Master of Marketing with the emphasis on the heavily demand field – ICT Marketing, Retail Marketing and Service MarketingSets up Corporate Governance Centre with the goal to develop knowledge on governance Implements Master of Science in Corporate Governance. The programme aims to train those with potential in the field of governance. Builds an IT Studio. Students can complete their group work in the studio which provides Wireless Internet connection.
2008 – Present: 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. The faculty is still determined to be a ‘World Class Innovative Business School.’ Many innovations are created during the year.

The global first Management Theatre is a place where situation in business and business management is simulated. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their decision-making skills.
Statistical Consulting and Research Centre and Centre of Insurance Consulting and Research are established. They are considered the leader in academic service provider in the related fields.
The doctoral programme in Quantitative Finance is implemented. It is Thailand’s first programme which provides the advanced knowledge on finance. Initiates bachelor’s degree course in Entrepreneurial Management to fulfil the demand from private sector.
Initiates new projects in academic and social service.
Accounting projects which fulfil the needs of local society. The project will make students aware of social responsibility. Their knowledge will be applied for the society’s flourishing.
Result-based research and Research projects which supports the production of academic material and knowledge. The result is expected to be in line with Thailand’s demand.
International Academic Network project and Visiting Scholar project tightens the relationship with leading international institution. The projects will encourage the production of academic material and knowledge sharing. This will help the faculty to gain international recognition.
Projects encouraging students’s role in international academic stage. Students will gain new prospect and explore their potential.
The most important project, which will gain global recognition for the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, is the project for AACSB accreditation. This accreditation has never been granted to any business faculty.