PhDs and DBA Program

Chulalongkorn Business School

Doctor of Philosophy in Accountancy

Doctor of Philosophy in Accountancy aims to produce graduates with deep knowledge in accounting theories and principles. The graduates are able to detect and analyze problems, and perform researches in high quality in order to develop knowledge in accountancy and develop business sections in micro and macro levels.

Doctor of Business Administration (English Program)

Our DBA program offers students the learning environment to holistically experience, explore and develop insightful research ideas. The program is an academic platform on which students learn to acquire theoretical and methodological skills necessary for frontier advances, both scholarly and professionally, in the fields of Finance, Management and Marketing.

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology in Business (English Program)

The IT in Business Doctoral program is designed to produce outstanding scholars possessing a breadth integrating knowledge of understanding of research in business integrated with a thorough and penetrating knowledge in information technology. This program offers its graduate students an information technology in business education with the breadth to meet the needs of an international marketplace as well as to deliver the education that the scholars can initiate, contribute to, and pursue a program of research in their chosen areas. It is our goal to make each student a life-long learner who, having mastered the necessary business and information technology skills to achieves an international reputation in identified areas of research competencies.

Doctor of Philosophy in Quantitative Finance

Quantitative Finance is an interdisciplinary field involving the application of various mathematical tools to analyze and solve problems in finance. As today’s global financial market is abound with innovative and complex financial products whose synthesis requires complex mathematical models and whose valuation requires advance numerical methods, the field of quantitative finance now plays an integral role in the advancement of the financial industry.
The quantitative tools employed in modeling financial instruments are drawn from diverse subfields of mathematics and other disciplines such as engineering, economics, and computer science. The mathematical concepts that students will encounter in the Quantitative Finance program include stochastic processes, optimization, econometrics, and data analysis. Our goal is for students to gain economic intuition and technical mastery of these essential tools, and for students to be able to apply them to concrete, real-world financial problems such as portfolio allocation, risk management, derivative valuation, and designing of financial products.
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